Asynchronous operations

    Any operations that change the state of a resource (create, change, or delete it) are asynchronous operations. This means that when they are called, the server returns the Operation object.

    The Operation object contains information about the operation: its status, ID, creation date, and so on. You can use this object for operation status monitoring. The operation status is displayed in the done field. If the field value is true, the operation is completed; otherwise, the operation is still in progress.

    When calling theCreate method, the returned Operation object will contain the ID of the resource being created, even if the operation is not completed yet. Using this ID, you can access the resource via the Get or List method.

    If an error occurs while performing an asynchronous operation, the server aborts all running procedures and returns the system to the previous state. The resources created during the operation are deleted. The Operation object has the additional error field describing the error. However, the operation is considered completed only when the system entirely rolls back to the previous state. For more information, see the Operation object description.