Standard fields

    This section lists standard fields that can be found in Yandex.Cloud resource views. These fields have the same names and semantics for all services.

    Field name Description
    cloud_id* string
    ID of the cloud where the folder is located. The field is present in the folder resource view.

    Thecloud_id and folder_id fields are mutually exclusive.
    folder_id* string
    ID of the folder where the resource is located. This field is only present in the views of cloud resources (disks, VM instances, and so on).

    The cloud_id and folder_id fields are mutually exclusive.
    id* string
    Resource ID. Generated on the service side. Maximum ID length is 50 characters.
    created_at* google.protobuf.Timestamp
    Time of resource creation specified in the RFC3339 (Timestamps) format.
    name string
    Resource name. Specified by the user. Maximum name length is 64 characters.
    description string
    Resource description. Specified by the user. Maximum description length is 256 characters.
    zone_id string
    ID of the availability zone the resource lives in.
    This field is omitted if the resource does not belong to any zone.
    status enum
    Resource state. For example: READY or CREATING.
    This field is used for resources that take a long time to modify. For example, VM instances or disks.
    labels map<string, string>
    Resource labels in the key:value format. Specified by the user. Metadata or other arbitrary data can be used as resource labels.

    * Required field which is always present in the views of all resources.