Billing accounts

Billing accounts are used to identify the user paying for resources in Yandex.Cloud.

The billing account can be linked to multiple clouds and one personal account. You can only use the payment method that corresponds to the type of billing account and your agreement.

The relationship between clouds, billing accounts, personal accounts, and payment methods is shown in the diagram below.



The billing account is not used to manage Yandex.Cloud resources.

Types of billing accounts

The type of billing account determines the Yandex.Cloud resource payment method.

  • Intended for residents of Russia.
  • Resources are paid for using a bank card.
  • Funds for the resources consumed are debited automatically. For more information, see Billing cycle for individuals.
  • Once the funds are debited from your bank card, a payment receipt is sent to your email address.
  • Intended for residents of Russia.
  • Consumed resources are paid for by bank transfer from the business's bank account or by corporate bank card.
  • Payments for resources consumed are made based on the agreement and bank invoice, or the amount is debited automatically from the linked bank card. For more information, see Billing cycle for businesses.
  • A report for services rendered and an invoice are sent to your email address at the beginning of the next reporting period. For more information, see Reporting documents.

Validity period

Billing accounts don't expire.

However, if Yandex.Cloud services are suspended due to arrears and you fail to pay the outstanding amount within 30 days of suspension, all your data, including the billing account, will be permanently blocked and deleted.

Number of billing accounts

One client can create multiple billing accounts.

You can link a billing account to one or more clouds, but each cloud can only be linked to one billing account. If a cloud is already linked to another account, linking it to a new account unlinks it from the current one.