All the terms are given in the Glossary for informational purposes. If there is a conflict between the term definitions in the Agreement and those in the Glossary, the terms of the former shall prevail.

    A primary accounting document that confirms services rendered.
    See the section Report.
    A discount given to a business or individual for using any Yandex.Cloud services. The discount is applied to the total cost of services consumed, with VAT.
    See the section Grant.
    Usage details
    A table with detailed information about cloud resource consumption.
    See the section How to view service usage details.
    In Yandex.Cloud, all services are rendered according to an agreement that you accept when you create a billing account. The agreement does not need to be signed by both parties.
    See the section Agreement.
    Credit limit
    Maximum negative personal account balance. The credit limit is activated automatically after you switch to the paid version and the first reporting period ends.
    See the section Credit limit.
    Personal account
    A unique customer ID in the Billing service, which is used to pay for resources during the entire term of the agreement.
    See the section Personal account.
    A method for entering into an agreement.
    See the section Agreement.
    A penalty for a failure to comply with the agreement terms and conditions regarding the deadline for service payment.
    For more information about how penalties are charged, see the Offer to Enter into the Contract to Use Yandex.Cloud Platform Services (clause 6, subclause 6.15).
    Billing account
    A unique customer ID in Yandex.Cloud.
    See the section Billing account.
    An individual or business paying for the Yandex.Cloud service resources consumed. By a payer we basically mean payment details used when registering agreements, issuing payment invoices, or debiting funds from a bank card.
    Trial period
    An opportunity to get a hands-on experience using Yandex.Cloud without paying for the resources consumed.
    See the section Trial period.
    Promo code
    A password that allows you to get an additional discount on using Yandex.Cloud services.
    See the section Promo code.
    Reporting period
    The reporting period is equal to one calendar month. At the beginning of each month, you are required to pay for the resources consumed in the previous period. The payment method depends on your legal status (billing account type).
    Payment invoice
    A document issued for you to pay for the resources consumed in the past month.
    See the section Payment invoice.
    A tax document that is issued to a customer at the end of the reporting period.
    See the section Invoice.
    Amount of payment invoice or receipt
    The total amount that a customer is required to pay within a certain period (the time period depends on their legal status).
    See the sections Payment receipt and Payment invoice.
    Payment receipt
    A document confirming the fact of a bank card payment for the consumed resources.
    See the section Payment receipt.