Personal account

The personal account is your unique ID in the Billing service, which is used to pay for resources during the entire term of your agreement. It holds the funds that you credit to it using a bank card or bank transfer (the crediting method depends on your legal status).

The funds are debited from your personal account only if you have no grants.

Creating a personal account

Your personal account is created automatically once you activate the paid version. The account is virtual and does not have the status of a settlement or bank account. It cannot be disabled.

Personal account number

The number of your personal account is displayed in the management console on the Account data page.

Personal account balance

After the paid version is activated, the personal account balance is zero by default.

You can monitor the balance in the management console:

  • The balance is reduced automatically as you consume resources. You can view your resource consumption history on the Usage details page.
  • The balance increases when you credit funds to it. The top-up record is logged to the payment history.

We recommend that you monitor and top up your personal account balance so that it is always positive.

If you fail to top up your personal account on time, the use of the Yandex.Cloud services may be suspended. Prior to suspension, a payment notice will be sent to the email address specified in your billing account. You will receive payment notices seven and three days prior to suspension, as well as on the day of suspension. After you top up your personal account, access to resource consumption will be restored within 24 hours.

Methods and terms of crediting funds to your personal account

The method of crediting funds to your personal account depends on your legal status (billing account type): How fast the funds will be credited to your personal account depends on the payment method. For more information, see Payment methods.