Billing cycle for individuals

    The diagram shows the cycle of debiting funds from an individual's bank card, as well as suspending and blocking the use of resources.


    1. You activate the paid version before the end of the trial period.

      If you don't spend the full amount of the initial grant or one of its parts before upgrading to the paid version, you can use the remaining amount depending on when the grant expires:

      • The grant expires before you upgrade to the paid version.

        The remaining amount expires and you can't use it to pay for Yandex.Cloud services after upgrading to the paid version.

      • The grant expires after you upgrade to the paid version.

        You can use the remaining amount to pay for services, but only until the grant expires: as soon as that happens, the remaining amount expires, too.

    2. If you are awarded a grant, you use it. The grant amount is reduced as the resources of Yandex.Cloud services are consumed.

    3. The grant amount and its validity period is verified during the entire reporting period.
      They are described in the table below.

      Grant amount Description
      Greater than zero If it is still valid, go back to step 2.
      If it has expired, go to step 4.
      Equal to zero Go to step 4 (regardless of the grant's validity).
    4. You need to top up your personal account:

      • If you have topped up your personal account, go to step 5.
      • If you have not topped up your personal account, go to step 7.
    5. You use the Yandex.Cloud resources. The personal account balance decreases as resource usage increases. Go to step 6.

    6. Your personal account balance is checked throughout the reporting period.

      • If the balance is positive, go back to step 5.
      • If the balance is negative, go to step 7.
    7. You have used the credit limit and there are outstanding charges. Go to step 8.

    8. Your personal account balance is checked throughout the reporting period.

      8.1. If the credit limit has not been reached and the reporting period has not ended, go back to step 7 or top up your personal account (step 4).
      8.2. If the reporting period has ended, the system calculates the total amount due and submits a charge to the linked bank card. Go to step 9.


      Yandex.Cloud reserves the right to automatically debit funds from the linked bank card during the current reporting period if your personal account balance exceeds the established credit limit. For more details, see the agreement.

    9. Payment for used resources is verified:

      • If the funds are debited from the bank card within one day, go back to step 4.
      • If your bank card balance is insufficient on the day when funds are to be debited and you failed to top up your personal account, the debit transaction will be repeated later. If the funds cannot be debited within one day, they may be debited from one of the bank cards linked to your Yandex.Passport account.
        If the funds cannot be debited from any of your bank cards, Yandex.Cloud reserves the right to change the status of your billing account to PAYMENT_REQUIRED. For more information, see step 10.
    10. The use of the Yandex.Cloud services may be suspended if there are outstanding charges:

      • Your VM instances and DB clusters will be stopped completely.
      • You will not be able to read or download any saved data.

      During the suspension period, a fee is charged for data storage services, in addition to a late payment fee. Go to step 11.

    11. Payment of the entire outstanding amount is checked throughout the 30-day suspension period:

      11.1. If you pay the total amount due during this period, access to resources is restored within 24 hours. The billing account status will be changed to ACTIVE. Go back to step 2.
      11.2. Otherwise, access to the use of Yandex.Cloud services may be permanently blocked. All your data, including your billing account, will be permanently deleted.


      After your access to the resources is restored, you can start database clusters and VMs yourself.

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