Financial documents

The Billing service sends out financial documents regarding any and all payments made on behalf of individuals or businesses.

Documents for businesses

If you used funds from your personal account during the reporting period, Yandex.Balance will generate the following reporting documents on the last day of the month:

Copies of documents will be sent to the email address of the billing account owner at the beginning of the next reporting period.
Soft and hard copies of a document are identical. To prepare your financial reports on time, you can use the number, amount, and date of the report from the email received.
Paper source documents with all signatures and stamps are provided only upon request to Yandex.Cloud technical support. The request must specify the agreement number (specified in the report) and the period you need the documents for.


Documents are sent to the email address and mailing address specified in the billing account. Make sure the addresses are specified correctly.

Documents for individuals

Individuals shall be provided with a payment receipt in accordance with Russian Federal Law No. FZ-54 On the use of cash registers. It is sent to the email address of the billing account owner. The original receipt is not sent.
You can also get a report of the services actually rendered. To do that, send a request to the support service for Yandex.Cloud through the management console.