Questions about the billing account

    How many billing accounts can I create?

    One client can create multiple billing accounts.

    How many clouds can I link to my billing account?

    You can link a billing account to one or more clouds, but each cloud can only be linked to one billing account. If a cloud is already linked to another account, linking it to a new account unlinks it from the current one.


    I created a new billing account, but it's blocked. Why?

    It's most likely that you previously created a billing account that activated the trial period. Your billing account received the initial grant during the trial period. Since the initial grant can only be given to one billing account, you cannot use the trial period during re-registration. As a result, your new billing account is created with the SUSPENDED status. To unblock your new billing account, activate the paid version and top up your personal account for the minimum amount (the minimum amount is shown in the Top up account window).

    How do I change my billing account type?

    You can't change a billing account type once it's created, but you can create a new one.

    How do I enable the credit limit?

    The credit limit is enabled automatically after the paid version is activated and the first reporting period ends.

    How do I change my payment method?

    The payment method can only be changed for a billing account of the Business account type: you can only use a transfer from your bank account instead of a transfer from your bank card.
    The payment method cannot be changed for a billing account of the Individual account type.

    How can I change my payment details or the delivery address?

    Only the owner of the billing account can change the details. If you are the owner, follow the instructions in Change your billing account data.

    I didn't receive an email with instructions on what to do after creating a billing account with the Bank transfer payment method. Why?

    It may take up to three business days to activate your billing account. If you didn't receive an email within that period, send a request to:

    In the request, specify the full name of your company and cloud id and attach the following documents:

    • A copy of the certificate of incorporation or business registration.
    • A copy of the decision or minutes on the appointment of the General Director.
    • A copy of the power of attorney of the business representative (if you are a representative).

    I unlinked a bank card from my Yandex.Passport account and now my billing account is blocked. What should I do?

    Your billing account status changed to SUSPENDED in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement (clause 6.11.4.). After suspension, an email with instructions on how to restore access was sent to the email address specified in your Yandex or Yandex.Connect account.

    I can't link a bank card when creating a billing account. What should I do?

    The service most likely doesn't support the payment system of your bank card.

    To resolve the issue, try linking a different bank card or, if you are a business owner, create a billing account with the Business account type and Bank transfer payment method.