Questions about working with non-residents of Russia

    Can I become a Yandex.Cloud customer if I am a non-resident of Russia?

    Yes, but only if your legal status is a business.

    To become a customer, submit a request using the Contact sales form on the Contact us page. A Yandex.Cloud manager will contact you to discuss the terms and conditions of signing the agreement.

    Residents of what countries do you work with?

    Residents of the countries listed below can send a request to enter into an agreement and create a billing account. Each request is reviewed on an individual basis.

    A — E F — K K — P P — U
    Austria Finland Kyrgyzstan Portugal
    Azerbaijan France Lithuania Serbia
    Belarus Georgia Luxembourg Slovakia
    Belgium Germany Malta Slovenia
    Bulgaria Gibraltar Moldova Spain
    Croatia Great Britain Monaco Sweden
    Cyprus Iceland Montenegro Tajikistan
    Czech Republic Ireland Netherlands Turkey
    Denmark Italy Norway Turkmenistan
    Estonia Kazakhstan Poland Uzbekistan

    Will you provide an agreement for the provision and payment of services?

    Yes. Services for businesses that are non-residents of Russia are provided under an agreement that is signed by both parties.

    To enter into an agreement, you must submit a request using the Contact sales form on the Contact us page. If a positive decision is made based on your request, Yandex.Cloud will prepare an agreement and send you an electronic version to sign. As soon as you receive the copy:

    1. Review the terms of the agreement.
    2. Check that your payment details are correct.
    3. Print a copy of the agreement and put your signature on all pages that have a field for it (usually after specifying the details of the parties).
    4. Send us a scanned copy of the signed agreement in a reply message.

    What payment methods can I use?

    Businesses that are non-residents of Russia may top up their personal accounts and pay for consumed resources using a bank card or by transferring funds from their bank account.

    In what currency can non-residents of Russia pay for Yandex.Cloud services?

    Non-residents of Russia must pay for Yandex.Cloud services in US dollars ($), regardless of the country they live in.

    What documents do I receive after I pay for services?

    Yandex.Cloud generates a payment invoice for businesses that are non-residents of Russia. A copy of the payment invoice will be sent to the email address of the billing account owner at the beginning of the next reporting period.

    How are taxes factored in when paying for services?

    Taxes and fees of the country where a non-resident business is registered are not included in the service costs on the Usage details page or in the total amount of the payment invoice.

    Non-residents shall pay all taxes and fees stipulated by the laws of their country of residence on their own.