Running commands

CLI commands are divided into groups, each of which corresponds to a Yandex.Cloud service or component.


To open Help for a certain command, specify the --help global flag.

Managing the CLI configuration

Use one of the following to set or change the values of the CLI configuration parameters before executing a certain command:

  • Profiles: These store the values of the parameters (or set of parameters) to be used when running each command.

    You can create multiple profiles and switch between them or make a one-time command call using a set of parameters from another profile by specifying the global --profile flag.

    For more information about profile management, see the step-by-step instructions.

  • Global flags: they only define parameters once when a command is called. Global flags are available for any command at any nesting level.

For a full list of available configuration parameters, see CLI configuration.

Synchronous/asynchronous command execution

Some commands take a long time to execute. In this case, you can control the timing of command execution. While a command is running, the CLI displays dots in synchronous mode and immediately provides information about the operation in asynchronous mode. For more information about synchronization, see Synchronous and asynchronous modes of command execution.