Concepts Instance Groups

    Instance Groups is a Compute Cloud component that lets you create and manage instance groups. Instance Groups automatically identifies and corrects unhealthy instances in a group to ensure their optimal performance.


    All operations in Instance Groups must be performed on behalf of a service account. For more information, see Access.

    Each group consists of one or more instances of the same type. Group instances may reside in different availability zones and regions. Learn more about Yandex.Cloud geography.

    Instance groups

    Use Instance Groups to:

    • Simultaneously update all instances in a group.

    • Integrate with Yandex Load Balancer and evenly distribute workloads across instances.

    • Create automatically scaled instance groups.

    • Automatically recover an instance if the application fails.

    • Maintain the performance of application services in a reliable environment with multi-zone features instead of allocating resources for each zone.

    When creating a group, describe the following:

    Instance groups created in the folder can be accessed by all instances connected to the same cloud network. Learn more about networking.