Disk snapshots

A disk snapshot in Yandex.Cloud is a copy of the disk file system at a certain point in time.

You can use disk snapshots for various purposes, such as:

  • Transferring data from one disk to another, for example, to a disk in a different availability zone.
  • Creating a disk backup before performing operations that may cause damage to your data.
  • Performing disk versioning by regularly creating snapshots of the disk.


If you need to create multiple disks with the same content, use images. Disk creation from an image is faster than from a snapshot.

Disk snapshots as a Yandex.Cloud resource

A disk snapshot is a resource like the disk itself. Snapshots are created in a folder. Access rights to a snapshot are inherited from rights to the folder.

Snapshots take up space in the storage so additional fees are charged for storing them. For more information, see Pricing for Compute Cloud.

Snapshot information contains the ID of the disk from which the snapshot was created. In addition, the license IDs (product_ids) are inherited from the source resource, which are used to calculate the disk use cost.


Snapshots are stored in Yandex Database, replicated in multiple availability zones, and encrypted at the database level.

Snapshot storage time is determined by the user.

Checking backups

Checking backup integrity

The checksum is stored for blocks in the snapshot. This checksum is checked when creating a disk from a snapshot.

Checking backup recovery

To test disk recovery from a snapshot, create a VM with a disk from a snapshot and check the integrity of your data.