Configuring software

Virtual machines with LEMP, LAMP, and Node.js do not require any initial configuration. The pre-installed software is ready for use.

For VMs with content management systems to be deployed, such as Drupal, GitLab, Joomla, or WordPress, use a web setup wizard to perform the initial configuration.

Configuring software via web setup wizard

To run the web setup wizard:

  1. Specify the VM's public IP address. You can find out the IP address in the management console. Go to the Network section on the virtual machine's page.

  2. Type http://<IP address> in the browser address bar. The authorization window opens.


    If you can't connect to the VM, try again in a few minutes.

  3. Complete the steps of the web setup wizard and follow the recommendations from the developers: Drupal, GitLab, Joomla, or WordPress.

During software configuration, you may need the DB connection parameters. To find out these parameters, connect to the VM over SSH and run the command:

$ sudo cat /root/default_passwords.txt