Pricing policy for Yandex Compute Cloud before January 1, 2019

What goes into the cost of using Compute Cloud

The cost of Compute Cloud usage is based on:

  • Computing resources
    • Type and number of cores (vCPU)
    • Amount of memory (RAM)
  • Operating systems
  • Type and size of storage:
    • Disks
    • Images
    • Snapshots
  • The amount of outgoing traffic.
  • Public IP address.

In all calculations, 1 GB = 230 bytes.

Use of VM instances

The cost of a VM depends on the allocated computing resources, operating system, and usage time. Attached disks and network usage are charged separately.

The cost is calculated for the time of using the VM, from the moment it is started (when its status changes to RUNNING) until it is completely stopped. The time when the VM is stopped is not charged.

The VM starts automatically once it is created.

When creating a VM, you can specify a public IP address for it. For information about charges for using an external IP address, see the section Pricing for Virtual Private Cloud in the Yandex Virtual Private Cloud documentation.

Computing resources

When creating a VM, you specify the number of vCPUs, the basic level of core performance, and the amount of RAM in GB. For more information, see Levels of core performance.

The basic level of core performance depends on the platform you selected.

Prices are shown for 1 hour of use. Billing occurs per second.

Operating systems

OS usage on a VM is charged, as well. The cost depends on the OS license and the amount of computing resources. The core usage type selected for the VM also matters.

Prices are shown for 1 hour of use. Billing occurs per second.

Example of cost calculation

Compare costs using light and standard virtual machines.

Two VMs have been created running Linux OS:

  • 5% vCPU and 1 GB RAM
  • 100% vCPU and 1 GB RAM

Both VMs have been running for 30 days.

Cost of the light virtual machine:

5% vCPU = ₽0.1932/hour * 30 days * 24 hours = ₽139.1040

1 GB RAM = ₽0.2441/hour * 30 days * 24 hours = ₽175.7520

Total: ₽314.8560

Cost of the standard virtual machine:

1 vCPU = ₽0.7017/hour * 30 days * 24 hours = ₽505.2240

1 GB RAM = ₽0.2441/hour * 30 days * 24 hours = ₽175.7520

Total: ₽680.9760

The cost of a light VM is about half as much as a standard VM.

Use of storage (disks, snapshots, and images)

When creating a disk, you specify its size, that is, the amount of block storage that the disk occupies. The cost of the service depends on the time between the disk's creation and deletion, the amount of disk space, and the disk type selected during its creation.

You are charged for your disks regardless of whether the VM is running.

If you created an image or snapshot, you pay for the storage of this object separately depending on its size.

The cost is specified for one month of use. Pricing is per second.

Prices before January 1, 2019

Computing resources

Computing resources Cost of 1 hour, without VAT Cost of 1 hour, with VAT
5% vCPU ₽0.1610 ₽0.1900
100% vCPU ₽0.5847 ₽0.6900
RAM (for 1 GB) ₽0.2034 ₽0.2400

Operating systems

OS Cost per vCPU per hour,
without VAT
Cost per vCPU per hour,
with VAT
Linux for all core types ₽0 ₽0
Windows Server for 5% vCPU ₽0.4746 ₽0.5600
Windows Server for 1 vCPU ₽0.9492 ₽1.1200

Disks, snapshots, and images

Type Cost of 1 GB per month,
without VAT
Cost of 1 GB per month,
with VAT
Fast network drive (SSD) ₽6.2034 ₽7.3200
Standard disk drive (HDD) ₽1.7373 ₽2.0500
Snapshot ₽1.8559 ₽2.1900
Image ₽1.8559 ₽2.1900

Outgoing traffic

When using the service, you pay for the traffic from Yandex.Cloud to the internet. The traffic between Yandex.Cloud services and the incoming traffic from the internet are free of charge.

The minimum charging unit is 1 MB.

Resource category Cost of 1 GB without VAT Cost of 1 GB with VAT
Outgoing traffic ₽1.2712 ₽1.5000