The most common errors and how to resolve them are listed below:

    • docker login is not supported with yc credential helper

      Why the error occurred: If you use Docker Credential helper, you can't authenticate in Yandex Container Registry using your docker login. You may also see this error in Container Optimized Image when Credential helper is used to authenticate on behalf of the service account linked to your VM.

      How to fix it: Authenticate in the registry using Docker Credential helper or disable Docker Credential helper.

    • Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket

      Why the error occurred: The Docker daemon requires root permission to execute commands by default.

      How to fix it: Run commands using sudo or set up permissions for other OS users.

    • name unknown: Registry <...> not found

      Why the error occurred: The registry ID is missing or invalid. When using Docker CLI commands, you must specify the full name of the Docker image that includes the registry ID. Learn more about this in Repository.

      How to fix it: Check the validity of your unique registry ID in the registry list.