Updating a VM with a Container Optimized Image

    Change the Docker container settings on the VM created from a Container Optimized Image.

    1. In the management console, select the folder where the VM was created.
    2. In the list of services, select Compute Cloud.
    3. Click on the line with the VM you want to change.
    4. Click Edit VM in the top panel.
    5. Make your changes in the Docker container settings section.
    6. Click Save changes.
    1. View a description of the CLI command for updating VMs:

      yc compute instance update-container --help
    2. Get the unique ID of the virtual machine. To do this, click on the line with its name under Compute Cloud in the management console or use the CLI command:

      $ yc compute instance list
      |          ID          | NAME  |    ZONE ID    | STATUS  |  EXTERNAL IP   | INTERNAL IP |
      | epdbf646ge5qgutfvh43 | my-vm | ru-central1-b | RUNNING | | |
    3. Update the virtual machine:

      • --container-name: The name of the Docker container.
      • --container-image: The name of the Docker image used to launch the Docker container.
      • --container-env: The environment variables available in the Docker container.
      • --remove-container-env: Exclude the environment variables whose keys are specified in the parameter.
      • --container-command: The command to run upon Docker container launch.
      • --container-stdin: Allocate the buffer for the input stream while running the Docker container.
      • --container-restart-policy: Parameters for the command specified in --container-command.
      • --container-privileged: Launch the Docker container in privileged mode.
      $ yc compute instance update-container epdbf646ge5qgutfvh43 \
      --container-name=my_vm_new_version \
      --container-image=cr.yandex/mirror/ubuntu:18.04 \
      --container-env=KEY1=VAL1,KEY2=VAL2 \
      --remove-container-env=KEY3 \
      --container-stdin=false \
      done (2s)
      id: epdbf646ge5qgutfvh43
      folder_id: b1g88tflru0ek1omtsu0
      created_at: "2019-08-07T09:44:03Z"
      name: my-vm
      zone_id: ru-central1-b
      platform_id: standard-v2