Getting started with Container Registry

Using these instructions, you will create your first registry and try managing Docker images.

Before you start

To create a registry, you will need a folder in Yandex.Cloud. If you don't have any folders yet, create a new folder before creating a registry:

  1. On the management console home page, click Create folder.

  2. Enter the folder name.

    The name may contain lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens. The first character must be a letter. The last character can't be a hyphen. The length of the name must be from 3 to 63 characters.

  3. Click Create folder.

You will also need the Yandex CLI and Docker.

Creating a registry and performing basic operations on Docker images

  1. Create a registry in Container Registry:

    $ yc container registry create --name my-first-registry
    id: crpc9qeoft236r8tfalm
    folder_id: b1g0itj57rbjk9thrinv
    name: my-first-registry
    status: ACTIVE
    created_at: "2018-12-25T12:24:56.286Z"

    You will need the received id to access the created registry.

  2. Log in to Container Registry by running the docker login command with an OAuth token. You can get a token at this link.

    $ docker login \
    --username oauth \ # type of token used
    --password <OAuth token> \
  3. Pull a Docker image from the Docker Hub repository:

    $ docker pull ubuntu
  4. Assign a tag to the Docker image:

    $ docker tag <image ID> \
  5. Push the Docker image to the repository:

    $ docker push \
  6. Run the Docker image:

    $ docker run \

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