Running a Docker image on a VM

    This example describes the steps required to run a Docker image on a VM using a registry. If you don't have a VM yet, you can create one.

    1. Add variables for convenience:

      • Address of your VM in the ${INSTANCE_ID} variable:

        $ export INSTANCE_ID=ef3ni90g6qblknkph60v
      • Your OAuth token in the ${OAUTH} variable:

        $ export OAUTH=AQAAAAAV6O...
      • Your IAM token in the ${IAM} variable:

        $ export IAM=CggaATEVAg...
      • Registry ID from the example in the ${REGISTRY_ID} variable:

        $ export REGISTRY_ID=crpc9qeoft236r8tfalm
    2. Create an Ubuntu-based Docker image from the example:

      $ docker build . \
    3. Log in to the registry under your username:

      $ docker login \
      --username oauth \
      --password ${OAUTH} \
    4. Push the created Docker image to Yandex Cloud Registry:

      $ docker push \${REGISTRY_ID}/ubuntu:hello
    5. Log in to the VM via SSH and authenticate as the service account associated with this VM:

      $ ssh ${INSTANCE_ID} docker login \
      --username iam \
      --password ${IAM} \
    6. Pull the Docker image to the VM:

      $ ssh ${INSTANCE_ID} \
      docker pull${REGISTRY_ID}/ubuntu:hello
    7. Run the Docker image on the VM:

      $ ssh ${INSTANCE_ID} \
      docker run${REGISTRY_ID}/ubuntu:hello