Yandex DataLens is a business analytics service that lets you upload, process, and visualize data for analysing and testing hypotheses. You can use it to make important marketing and other decisions related to your product.

Relationship between components

DataLens consists of multiple components that let you perform the full data cycle.


DataLens consists of the following components:

  • Connection: Contains parameters for accessing a data source. Connections to different data sources are created using connectors. They contain presets for uploading data.
  • Dataset: A set of data and its description. DataLens lets you visualize uploaded data using a special wizard.
  • Chart: Data from a dataset visualized as diagrams and tables. You can use charts to quickly test hypotheses or save them as widgets for later use.
  • Dashboard: A page with a set of widgets. Various visualization objects and management tools are placed on dashboards.