Creating a ClickHouse connection


    DataLens supports ClickHouse connections via HTTP interface only.

    To create a ClickHouse connection:

    1. Go to the connections page.

    2. Click Create connection.

    3. Select the ClickHouse connector.


      When connecting to an external data source (which is not a Yandex.Cloud resource), grant access to the source for the following ranges of DataLens IP addresses:

    4. Specify the connection parameters:

      • Connection name. Specify a name for the connection. You can set any name.
      • Hostname or IP. Specify the path to the ClickHouse host.
      • Port. Specify the ClickHouse connection port.
      • Username. Specify the username for the ClickHouse connection.
      • Password. Enter the password for the specified user.
    5. Click Connect. The connection appears in the list.

    You can check the host connection before creating it. To do this, click Check connection.