Creating a connection to a CSV file

    To create a connection to a CSV file:

    1. Go to the connections page.

    2. Click Create connection.

    3. Select the CSV connector.

    4. Click Select CSV file and specify the CSV file or drag it to the screen. Information about the added file is displayed in the lower part of the dialog box.

      The CSV file size may not exceed 100 MB.

    5. Click Upload.

    6. Select the file upload parameters:

      • Connection name. Specify a name for the connection. You can set any name.
      • Encoding. Specify the data encoding of the file. Available values: utf-8, windows-1251, and utf-8-sig.
      • Delimiter. Specify the delimiter that is used in the CSV file. Available values: ;, ,, and \t.
      • Title. Select the title option. If you choose Present, then DataLens uses the first row of data as the heading.
    7. Click Connect. The connection appears in the list with the materializing status. This means that data from the CSV file to DataLens storage is still uploading. To create a dataset based on a connection to the CSV file, wait until the connection status changes to materialized.