Creating a Yandex.Metrica Logs API connection


    Before creating a connection to the Yandex.Metrica Logs API, you need to create a ClickHouse cluster in Yandex.Cloud. DataLens saves Logs API data to a dataset in the created cluster.

    To create a connection to the Logs API:

    1. Go to the connections page.
    2. Click Create connection.
    3. Select the Metrica connector.
    4. Specify the connection parameters:
      • Connection name. Specify a name for the connection. You can set any name.
      • OAuth token. Specify the OAuth token used to access Yandex.Metrica data. If you already have a tag, click Get token.
      • Tag. Specify the tag to connect to.
      • Connection. Select Logs API as the connection type.
    5. Specify the data export parameters:
      • Tag source. Specify the data table to be exported from the Logs API.
      • Upload from. Specify the start date for exporting data.
      • Frequency. Specify how often data is updated in the connection.
    6. Specify information about the target database:
      • Hostname. Specify the path to the ClickHouse cluster host in Yandex.Cloud.
      • Port. Specify the DB connection port.
      • Database name. Specify the name of the DB to connect to.
      • Cluster. Specify the DB cluster.
      • Username. Specify the username for the DB connection.
      • Password. Enter the password for the specified user.
    7. Click Connect. The connection appears in the list.


    • Uploading data to the connection may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the amount of data in the tag and the specified start date.
    • Changing the Upload from parameter fully resets the connection data.
    • Changing the Frequency value from Once to Regular fully resets the connection data.