Access management

Access to Yandex DataLens is managed from the Yandex.Cloud console. To grant access, assign a user the datalens.instances.user role.

Permission differentiation in the service is implemented at the object and directory level. You can grant users permission to each object and directory. They determine what operations are allowed.

You can grant users access to a directory or any service object:

  • Connections
  • Datasets
  • Charts
  • Dashboards

Users can also request permission on their own via the request form. For more information, see Requesting permission.

Adding users

To add a user and grant them access to DataLens:

  1. Open the Access management page for the selected cloud. If necessary, switch to another cloud.

  2. On the Users and roles page, click Add user in the upper-right corner.

  3. Enter the user's Yandex email address.

  4. Click Add. When a new user is added to the cloud, they're automatically assigned the cloud member role: resource-manager.clouds.member.

  5. Select the user to assign the role to, click image, and choose Configure roles.

  6. To add a role for a cloud, click image in the Roles for the cloud section.

    To add a role for a folder, select the folder and click Assign role in the Roles for folders section.

  7. Choose datalens.instances.user from the list.

For more information about assigning roles in Yandex.Cloud, see Roles.


You can assign the following permissions to objects and folders in DataLens:


A user with the Execute permission can make requests to available connections and datasets. It doesn't let the user view connections or datasets.


You can only grant the Execute permission for a connection and dataset.


A user with the Read permission can view dashboards, widgets, datasets, and directories.


A user with the Write permission can edit dashboards, widgets, connections, datasets, and directories.

The Write permission includes everything under the Read permission.


A user with the Admin permission can edit available objects and directories, as well as edit permissions.

The Admin permission includes everything under the Write permission.

Table of permissions

Access object
Execute Read Write Admin
View directories N/A
Edit directories N/A -
Edit permissions N/A - -
Make requests
to a connection
Create datasets
on a connection
connection parameters
Edit connections - -
Edit permissions - - -
Make requests
to a dataset
Create charts
on a dataset
View datasets -
Edit datasets - -
Edit permissions - - -
View charts N/A
Edit charts N/A -
Edit permissions N/A - -
View dashboards N/A
Edit dashboards N/A -
Edit permissions N/A - -

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