Revoke role for a resource

    If you want to prohibit a user from accessing a resource, revoke relevant roles for this resource from the user.


    If you need to temporarily revoke all access rights from a user, you can just revoke the role of resource-manager.clouds.member. Although the user keeps all the other roles, they can't perform any operations with the cloud resources. When you add the user to the cloud again, the access rights are already configured.

    1. In the management console, click image and go to Access management.
    2. Select the Users and roles tab.
    3. In the line with the appropriate user name, click Configure roles.
    4. Click the x next to the role to remove it. In the Roles in the cloud section, you can delete the roles assigned to this user in this cloud. In the Roles in folders section, you can delete roles assigned to a user for a folder.