Assign role to service account

    This section describes how to assign a role to a service account for a resource. To assign a role for a service account as a resource, follow the instructions Set service account access rights.

    In the management console you can only assign a role for the folder where the service account was created. To assign it a role for another resource, use the CLI or API.

    To assign a role for the folder where the service account was created:

    1. Select the folder.
    2. Select the Service accounts tab.
    3. Click next to the service account and select Edit service account.
    4. Click Add role and select a role.
    5. Click Save.

    To assign the service account a role for a resource, run:

    yc <SERVICE-NAME> <RESOURCE> add-access-binding <RESOURCE-NAME>|<RESOURCE-ID> \
        --role <ROLE-ID> \
        --subject serviceAccount:<SERVICE-ACCOUNT-ID>


    • <SERVICE-NAME> is the name of the service that the resource belongs to (for example, resource-manager).
    • <RESOURCE> is the resource category (for example, cloud).
    • <RESOURCE-NAME> is the resource name. You can specify a resource by its name or identifier.
    • <RESOURCE-ID> is the resource identifier.
    • <ROLE-ID> is the identifier of the role (for example, resource-manager.clouds.owner).
    • <SERVICE-ACCOUNT-ID> is the identifier of the service account assigned the role.

    For example, assign the viewer role to the service account for the mycloud cloud:

    yc resource-manager cloud add-access-binding mycloud \
        --role viewer \
        --subject serviceAccount:ajeptmgeb3f2q56bifci

    To assign a role for the resource to the service account, use the SetAccessBindings method for the resource that the role applies to.