Logging in and accessing resources

    How do I log in to the management console?

    Go to the management console page.

    If you are not logged in to your Yandex or Yandex.Connect account, click Log in. If you don't have an account yet, click Register. For more information, see the Yandex.Passport documentation.

    How are access rights verified?

    Before performing an operation with a resource, such as creating a VM, IAM checks whether the user has all necessary permissions. If the user does not have any of the permissions, the operation will not be performed and Yandex.Cloud will return an error. For more information, see the section How access management in Yandex.Cloud works.

    What is a resource?

    A resource is a Yandex.Cloud entity that you can perform operations with, such as creating, updating, viewing, or deleting it. Examples of resources: VMs, disks, service accounts, clouds, and folders. For more information, see the section Hierarchy of Yandex.Cloud resources of the Resource Manager service documentation.

    What is access binding?

    Access rights are set as a list of role-subject bindings. They are called access bindings. You can add or remove these bindings to control access rights to a resource. For more information, see Binding access rights.