General questions

    What is the Yandex Identity and Access Management service used for?

    The IAM service controls access to resources and provides functionality for setting up access rights. You determine who should have rights to a certain resource and what these rights are, while IAM grants access according to the assigned rights.

    IAM allows you to:

    • Invite new users to the cloud and delete them from it.
    • Manage access rights to resources by assigning and revoking roles.
    • Create service accounts, i.e., special accounts used for managing Yandex.Cloud resources via the API.
    • Get an IAM token that is required for authorization via the API.

    Other Yandex.Cloud services use the IAM API to provide you with more control over access to these services' resources. For example, Yandex Compute Cloud grants an additional role of compute.images.user to control access to disk images.

    How do I get started with IAM?

    To start working with IAM, you need to register with Yandex.Cloud. After registration, you will be able to use the IAM features.

    See Getting started with IAM to find out how to add a new user to your cloud and assign them a role.

    How much does it cost to use IAM?

    The IAM service can be used free of charge.