Method listDeviceTopicAliases

Retrieves the list of device topic aliases for the specified registry.

HTTP request


Path parameters

Parameter Description
registryId Required. ID of the registry to list aliases for device topic. To get a registry ID make a list request. The maximum string length in characters is 50.

Query parameters

Parameter Description
pageSize The maximum number of results per page that should be returned. If the number of available results is larger than page_size, the service returns a nextPageToken that can be used to get the next page of results in subsequent list requests. Default value: 100. Acceptable values are 0 to 1000, inclusive.
pageToken Page token. To get the next page of results, set page_token to the nextPageToken returned by a previous list request. The maximum string length in characters is 100.


HTTP Code: 200 - OK

  "aliases": [
      "deviceId": "string",
      "topicPrefix": "string",
      "alias": "string"
  "nextPageToken": "string"
Field Description
aliases[] object

A device topic alias.

Alias is an alternate name of a device topic assigned by the user. Map alias to canonical topic name prefix, e.g. my/custom/alias match to $device/abcdef/events. For more information, see Using topic aliases.


ID of the device that the alias belongs to.


Prefix of a canonical topic name to be aliased, e.g. $devices/abcdef.


Alias of a device topic.

nextPageToken string

Token for getting the next page of the list. If the number of results is greater than the specified pageSize, use next_page_token as the value for the pageToken parameter in the next list request.

Each subsequent page will have its own next_page_token to continue paging through the results.