Quotas and limits

    In the Yandex Load Balancer service, the following limitations apply:

    • Quotas are organizational restrictions that can be changed by technical support on request.
    • Limits are technical restrictions due to the Yandex.Cloud architecture specifics. The limits cannot be changed.

    You can view your current account quotas in the management console.


    Type of limit Value
    Number of load balancers per cloud 2
    Number of target groups per cloud 2


    Type of limit Value
    Number of resources per target group 254
    Number of listening ports 10
    Number of health checks per attached target group 1
    Status check protocol TCP, HTTP

    Other restrictions

    A particular target group can only contain target resources from a single cloud network.

    A target group can include resources that are connected to the same subnet within a single availability zone.

    You can create a load balancer without a listener.

    Health checks are transmitted from the IP address range

    When connecting resources to the load balancer, keep in mind the limit on the maximum number of simultaneous TCP/UDP connections per VM.