Replication ClickHouse

    Managed Service for ClickHouse helps enable replication for ClickHouse clusters consisting of two or more hosts via Apache ZooKeeper. You just need to create tables of the required type. ZooKeeper hosts will be created and configured automatically.


    If you created a ClickHouse cluster with two or more hosts, it is not yet possible to reduce the number of hosts to one. And vice versa, if you created a single-host cluster, you will not be able to add hosts to it.

    Replicated tables

    ClickHouse supports automatic replication only for ReplicatedMergeTree tables (see Data replication in the ClickHouse documentation). To enable replication, you can create the tables on each host separately or use a distributed DDL query.

    To create a ReplicatedMergeTree table on a specific ClickHouse host, send a query of the following type:

    CREATE TABLE db_01.table_01 (log_date Date, user_name String) \
     ENGINE = ReplicatedMergeTree('/table_01', '{replica}', log_date, (log_date, user_name), 8192);


    • db_01 is the DB name.

    • table_01 is the table name.

    • /table_01 is the path to the table in ZooKeeper, which must start with a forward slash /.

    • {replica} is the host ID macro.

    To create replicated tables on all hosts in the cluster, send a distributed DDL query (described in the documentation for ClickHouse):

    CREATE TABLE db_01.table_01 ON CLUSTER '{cluster}' (log_date Date, user_name String) \
     ENGINE = ReplicatedMergeTree('/table_01', '{replica}', log_date, (log_date, user_name), 8192);

    The '{cluster}' argument is automatically resolved to the ClickHouse cluster ID.

    ZooKeeper hosts

    For each ClickHouse cluster consisting of two or more hosts, Managed Service for ClickHouse creates a cluster of three ZooKeeper hosts. ZooKeeper hosts are taken into account when calculating resource consumption and the cost of the cluster.

    How ZooKeeper hosts are managed:

    • By default, ZooKeeper hosts are created with a minimal host class. You can specify the necessary host class when creating a cluster via the API.

    • Managed Service for ClickHouse does not enable you to connect to ZopKeeper servers and configure them. However, you can change the resources allocated to ZooKeeper hosts by changing the host class.

    • If you didn't specify any subnets for ZooKeeper hosts, Managed Service for ClickHouse automatically distributes them among the subnets of the network to which a ClickHouse cluster is connected.

    To learn more about using ZooKeeper for replication management in ClickHouse, see the documentation ClickHouse.