SQL queries in the management console

Managed Service for ClickHouse allows you to visualize the data structure in your ClickHouse cluster and send SQL queries to databases from the Yandex.Cloud management console. To do this, log in to management console, open the cluster page and go to the SQL tab.

See a reference list of supported queries in the ClickHouse documentation.


Every time you open the SQL tab, you must enter the username and password of the cluster user. This opens the cluster data structure and the SQL query input window.

To avoid entering the password too often, open this page of the management console in a new tab.

Data structure visualization

Once you have logged in, you can see the structure of the databases and tables in the cluster:


Click on the table to see the first 1000 rows of the SELECT * query result for this table (Managed Service for ClickHouse doesn't support full navigation through all the DB data). Hover over the column header to see the type of column data:


In the Query result offset field, you can set the offset for showing the results table. A maximum of 20 rows can be displayed on a single page. Use the < and > buttons to quickly increase and decrease the offset by 20.

SQL queries

The query input window opens on the bottom right by default. Start typing your query to see suggested keyword options:


Enter your query and click Execute. The Query result tab shows the results table or an error message. The asterisk character means that the query text changed after getting the result:


Query restrictions in the management console

The main query restriction in the management console is that the text of queries and their results are available only until you close or reload the page in your browser. But if a query was run successfully, Managed Service for ClickHouse processes it regardless of the state of the management console.

In addition, keep in mind the following:

  • The management console will only display the first 1000 rows of results, even if there is actually more data.
  • When a cluster query takes more than 10 minutes to complete, the management console will report an error as a result, even if the query was eventually processed successfully.
  • If your cluster has multiple ClickHouse hosts, queries from the management console are sent to a random host. Keep this in mind if you are going to modify data. For example, the CREATE TABLE db1.newtable query creates a table on one host only. To avoid this, use a distributed query putting your cluster name inside the curly brackets: CREATE TABLE db1.newtable ON CLUSTER '{cluster}'.