Pricing policy for Managed Service for ClickHouse before January 1, 2019

What goes into the cost of using Managed Service for ClickHouse

The cost of Managed Service for ClickHouse usage is based on:

  • Storage (disk space) type and size.
  • DB class selected for the cluster,
  • The number of database hosts in clusters (including ZooKeeper hosts for ClickHouse clusters).
  • Settings and number of backups.
  • The amount of outgoing traffic.

In all calculations, 1 GB = 230 bytes.

Use of DB hosts

The cost is calculated for each hour of the host's operation in accordance with its class. The exact class characteristics are given in the section Host classes.


For each ClickHouse cluster with 2 or more hosts, ClickHouse automatically creates 3 ZooKeeper hosts.

The minimum billing unit is one hour (for example, the cost of 1.5 hours of operation is the same as the cost of 2 hours of operation). The time when the DBMS host or ZooKeeper cannot perform its main functions is not charged.

Disk space use

The following is charged:

  • Storage allocated for DB clusters.
    • NVMe-based storage can only be ordered for clusters with more than three hosts (for ClickHouse — more than two), with an increment of 100 GB.
  • Space used by DB backups in excess of the storage specified for the cluster.
    • Backups are stored free of charge as long as the combined size of the DB and all backups is less than the selected storage volume.
    • During an automatic backup, Managed Service for ClickHouse does not create a new copy but saves changes in the DB as compared to the previous copy. This means that storage used by automatic backups increases only in proportion to the volume of changes that are made.
    • The number of hosts in the cluster does not affect the size of the storage and, consequently, that of free backups.

The cost is specified for one month of use. The minimum billing unit is 1 GB per hour (for example, the cost of storing 1 GB for 1.5 hours is equal to the cost of storage for 2 hours).

ClickHouse and ZooKeeper

You can choose the host class for the ClickHouse hosts and ZooKeeper hosts (as appropriate for the expected replication load).

For example, let's say you created a ClickHouse cluster with 3 hosts using the s1.micro host class, and did not specify the class for the ZooKeeper hosts. Managed Service for ClickHouse automatically creates 3 ZooKeeper hosts using the s1.nano class.

The hourly price will be calculated using the rates below (including VAT): 3 × ₽5.5119 + 3 × ₽1.7492 = ₽21.78.

Prices before January 1, 2019


Host class Cost of 1 hour, without VAT Cost of 1 hour, with VAT
s1.nano 2.2966 ₽ 2.7100 ₽
s1.micro 4.5932 ₽ 5.4200 ₽
s1.small 9.1780 ₽ 10.8300 ₽
s1.medium 18.3559 ₽ 21.6600 ₽
s1.large 36.7119 ₽ 43.3200 ₽
s1.xlarge 73.4153 ₽ 86.6300 ₽
s1.nano 1.4576 ₽ 1.7200 ₽
s1.micro 2.8475 ₽ 3.3600 ₽
s1.small 5.6271 ₽ 6.6400 ₽
s1.medium 11.1864 ₽ 13.2000 ₽
s1.large 22.3220 ₽ 26.3400 ₽
s1.xlarge 44.5678 ₽ 52.5900 ₽

Storage and backups

Service Cost of 1 GB per month, without VAT Cost of 1 GB per month, with VAT
Standard network storage 1.9068 ₽ 2.2500 ₽
Fast network storage 6.7797 ₽ 8.000 ₽
NVMe 6.7797 ₽ 8.000 ₽
Backups beyond the storage size 2.1186 ₽ 2.5000 ₽

Outgoing traffic

When using the service, you pay for the traffic from the Cloud to the internet. The traffic between Cloud services and the incoming traffic from the internet are free of charge.

The minimum charging unit is 1 MB.

Resource category Cost of 1 GB, without VAT Cost of 1 GB, incl. VAT
Outgoing traffic 1.2712 ₽ 1.5000 ₽