Deleting clusters


    After you delete a database cluster, its backups are kept for 7 days for recovery purposes.

    1. Open the folder page in the management console.
    2. Select Managed Service for Redis.
    3. Click image for the necessary cluster and select Delete.
    4. In the window that opens, check Delete cluster and click Delete.

    If you don't have the Yandex.Cloud command line interface yet, install it.

    The folder specified in the CLI profile is used by default. You can specify a different folder using the --folder-name or --folder-id parameter.

    To delete a cluster, run the command:

    $ yc managed-redis cluster delete <cluster name or ID>

    The cluster name and ID can be requested with a list of clusters in the folder.

    With Terraform, you can quickly create a cloud infrastructure in Yandex.Cloud. The infrastructure components are identified through configuration files that specify the required cloud resources and their parameters.

    Read more about Terraform in the documentation.

    If you created a cluster using Terraform, you can delete it:

    1. In the command line, use the cd <folder path> command to go to the folder with the Terraform configuration file.

    2. Delete resources using the command:

      terraform destroy


      Terraform will delete all the resources that you created using it: clusters, networks, subnets, VMs, and so on.

    3. Confirm the deletion of resources.