Common errors

    HTTP Error code Description
    400 AccessDeniedException Insufficient permissions to perform the action.
    400 IncompleteSignature The request signature does not conform to AWS standards.
    500 InternalFailure Unknown error.
    400 InvalidAction The Action parameter value is unknown.
    403 InvalidClientTokenId Invalid service account key.
    400 InvalidParameterCombination Simultaneous use of two incompatible parameters.
    400 InvalidParameterValue The parameter value is incorrect or outside of the allowed range.
    400 InvalidQueryParameter A nonexistent parameter is used.
    404 MalformedQueryString The query string contains a syntax error.
    400 MissingAction The request is missing an Action.
    403 MissingAuthenticationToken The service account key ID is missing.
    400 MissingParameter A parameter required for performing the action is missing.
    400 OptInRequired The service account key ID requires a subscription to the service.
    400 RequestExpired The service received a request more than 15 minutes later than the request timestamp, or more than 15 minutes after the request expired, or the request timestamp is more than 15 minutes ahead of the service time.
    503 ServiceUnavailable The service is not available.
    403 ThrottlingException The request was rejected due to the throttle limit.
    400 ValidationError Values of a sent request failed validation.