Method for deleting messages in a queue. It takes some time to delete messages. To make sure no messages are left in the queue, pause sending messages to the queue and call the GetQueueAttributes method.

Messages that were sent to the queue before calling PurgeQueue can be picked by consumers, but will be deleted from the queue within the next minute.

Messages sent to the queue after calling PurgeQueue won't be deleted.


You cannot retrieve any messages deleted from a queue.


Request parameters

Parameter Type Required parameter Description
QueueUrl string Yes URL of a queue. Case-sensitive.


Successful response fields

The response does not contain any fields.

PurgeQueue errors

For a list of errors common for all methods, see Common errors.

HTTP code Error ID Description
400 NonExistentQueue The specified queue does not exist.
403 PurgeQueueInProgress The PurgeQueue method has already been called for the specified queue within the last 60 seconds.

Sample request


For more information about forming requests, see General API request format.

Response example