Example of using Yandex Message Queue on Node.js

Node.js is an environment for running JavaScript applications. Using the AWS SDK for JavaScript, you can manage Message Queue message queues and send and receive messages in Node.js.


Install the AWS SDK for JavaScript in Node.js by following the instructions on the official site.

Before you start

  1. Create a service account.
  2. Assign a role to a editor service account.
  3. Create a static access key.

Set the environment variables:

$ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="<access key ID>"
$ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="<secret key>"


In this example:

  1. A connection with Message Queue is established.
  2. A message queue is created with the name ymq_example_nodejs_sdk.
  3. A message with the text test message is sent to the queue.
  4. The message is read from the queue and displayed in the terminal.
  5. The message queue is deleted.
var AWS = require('aws-sdk');

var ymq = new AWS.SQS({
    'region': 'ru-central1',
    'endpoint': 'https://message-queue.api.cloud.yandex.net',

async function createQueue() {
    params = {
        'QueueName': 'ymq_example_nodejs_sdk',

    result = await ymq.createQueue(params).promise();
    queueUrl = result['QueueUrl'];

    console.log('Queue created, URL: ' + queueUrl);

    return queueUrl;

async function sendMessage(queueUrl) {
    params = {
        'QueueUrl': queueUrl,
        'MessageBody': 'test message',

    result = await ymq.sendMessage(params).promise();

    console.log('Message sent, ID: ' + result['MessageId']);

async function receiveMessage() {
    params = {
        'QueueUrl': queueUrl,
        'WaitTimeSeconds': 10,

    result = await ymq.receiveMessage(params).promise();

    result['Messages'].forEach(async function(msg) {
        console.log('Message received')
        console.log('ID: ' + msg['MessageId'])
        console.log('Body: ' + msg['Body'])

        deleteParams = {
            'QueueUrl': queueUrl,
            'ReceiptHandle': msg['ReceiptHandle'],

        await ymq.deleteMessage(deleteParams).promise()

async function deleteQueue() {
    params = {
        'QueueUrl': queueUrl,

    result = await ymq.deleteQueue(params).promise();

    console.log('Queue deleted')

async function main() {
    queueUrl = await createQueue();
    await sendMessage(queueUrl);
    await receiveMessage(queueUrl);
    await deleteQueue(queueUrl);