Creating a new message queue

    To create a new message queue:

    1. Open the Message Queue section.

    2. Click Create queue.

    3. Enter a name for the queue.

      The name may contain lowercase Latin letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores. The name of a FIFO queue must end with the .fifo suffix. The name can't be longer than 80 characters.

    4. Select the queue type: Standard or FIFO.

    5. Specify the standard visibility timeout to be applied to enqueued messages after they are read by a consumer.

    6. Specify the message retention period.

    7. Specify the maximum message size.

    8. Specify the delivery delay: the amount of time during which a new message cannot be picked from a queue.

    9. Specify the message receipt timeout.

    10. Click Create queue.

    Run the following command in the terminal:

    $ aws sqs create-queue --queue-name sample-queue \
        "QueueUrl": ""