Method listLabelValues

Retries the list of values for a given label key.

HTTP request


Path parameters

Parameter Description
labelKey Required. For which label key perform values lookup.

Query parameters

Parameter Description
folderId Required. ID of the folder that the metric belongs to. The maximum string length in characters is 50.
selectors Metric selectors.
valueFilter Substring value filter text.
pageSize Maximum number of metrics in response. 0 means default page size = 30, maximum page size = 10000.
pageToken Page token. To get the next page of results, set pageToken to the nextPageToken returned by a previous list request.


HTTP Code: 200 - OK

  "values": [
  "metricsCount": "string",
  "absent": true,
  "nextPageToken": "string"
Field Description
values[] string

List of values by given label key.

metricsCount string (int64)

Metrics count given by selectors.

absent boolean (boolean)

Flag determining that there are has some metrics without the given label.

nextPageToken string

This token allows you to get the next page of results for list requests.