Widgets are dashboard elements that display information as a chart or text.

There are three types of widgets available in Yandex Monitoring:


The visual representation of one or more metrics over a specific period of time. Each metric has a different color on the chart.

Yandex Monitoring allows you to display metrics of Yandex.Cloud resources and custom metrics written via the API.

Chart types

The following chart types are available:

  • image Line charts.
  • image Area charts.
  • image Bar charts.

You can also normalize data and display it as a stacked chart.

Time period on charts

Metrics on charts are displayed for a specific interval of time, which can be set using preset ranges (1h 3h 1d 1w 1mo). You can also set the beginning and the end of the interval.

To set the interval more precisely, use the timeline located above the chart.


Text in markdown format, which lets you include additional information in the dashboard. For example, you can post links to other dashboards.


Text that lets you label a dashboard or group of charts.

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