Creating charts using a text query

To create a chart using a text query, follow these steps:

  1. On the Yandex Monitoring service homepage, click Create chart.

  2. Under Queries, click the image icon and select Edit as text.

  3. Specify the mandatory labels with the necessary values, separated by a comma:

    project="your_project_name", cluster="your_cluster_name", service="service_name"
  4. Enter optional labels to view the metrics on a chart.


    You can add up to 50 metrics per chart.

  5. Click image. The metric appears on the chart.

  6. Click Finish. Enter a name for the chart and select the directory to save it to.

  7. Click Save. The chart is saved in the specified directory.

Sample request

Query for the disk_read_bytes metric of the Yandex Compute Cloud VM:

project="project_id", cluster="cluster_id", service="compute", resource_type="vm", resource_id="resource_id", name="disk_read_bytes"