Updating a folder

    The management console only allows you to change the name of a folder. To change its description, use the CLI or API.

    1. Select the folder on the Home page of the management console. This page displays folders for the selected cloud. If necessary, switch to another cloud.
    2. Click image next to the folder and select Rename.
    3. Enter a new name for the folder.
    4. Click Rename.
    1. See the description of the update folder command:

      $ yc resource-manager folder update --help
    2. If you know the folder ID or name, proceed to the next step. If not, use one of these methods to get them:

      • Get a list of folders:

        $ yc resource-manager folder list
        |          ID          |        NAME        | LABELS | STATUS | DESCRIPTION |
        | b1gppulhhm2aaufq9eug | yet-another-folder |        | ACTIVE |             |
        | b1gvmob95yysaplct532 | default            |        | ACTIVE |             |
      • If you know the ID of the resource that belongs to the required folder, you can get the folder ID from the information about that resource:



        • <SERVICE-NAME> is the name of the service, such as compute.
        • <RESOURCE> is the category of the resource, such as instance.
        • <RESOURCE-ID> is the resource ID.

        For example, the fhmp74bfis2aim728p2a VM belongs to the b1gpvjd9ir42nsng55ck folder:

        $ yc compute instance get fhmp74bfis2ais728p2a
        id: fhmp74bfis2ais728p2a
        folder_id: b1gpvjd9ia42nsng55ck
    3. Change the folder parameters, such as name and description. You can specify the folder to update by its name or ID.

      $ yc resource-manager folder update default \
          --new-name myfolder \
          --description "this is my default-folder"

      The command will rename the default folder to myfolder and update its description.

      The name must be unique within the folder. The name may contain lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens. The first character must be a letter. The last character can't be a hyphen. The maximum length of the name is 63 characters.

    To update the folder, use the update method for the Folder resource.