Backup to Yandex Object Storage via Duplicati

To set up backups in Object Storage via Duplicati:

  1. Create a bucket
  2. Create a service account
  3. Create a static access key
  4. Install Duplicati
  5. Configure Duplicati
  6. Test your backup

The free version of Duplicati allows you to create a maximum of 200 GB of backups.

1. Create a bucket

To create a bucket for backups:

  1. Go to the Yandex.Cloud management console and select the folder where you want to perform the operations.

  2. On the folder page, click Create resource and select Bucket.

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the bucket, like backup.

    The name must meet the following requirements:

    • The length of the name must be from 3 to 63 characters.
    • The name may contain lowercase Latin letters, numbers, hyphens, and periods.
    • The first and last characters must be letters or numbers.
    • Characters to the right and left of the period must be letters or numbers.
    • The name must not look like an IP address (for example,
  4. Specify the maximum size of the bucket in GB.

  5. Click Create bucket.

2. Create a service account

Create a service account with the editor role.

3. Create a static access key

Create static access keys. Save the ID and private key right away. You won't be able to access the private key parameters again after you close the window.

4. Install Duplicati

Download and install Duplicati.

To use Duplicati on macOS, you need the Mono framework.

Once you have installed the Mono framework, download and install Duplicati.

5. Configure Duplicati

To configure Duplicati to work with Object Storage:

  1. Run Duplicati. If required, set a password for your account.
  2. Select the Add backup menu item.
  3. Click Configure a new backup. Click Next.
  4. Enter the backup plan name: Yandex Cloud. Enter the password and confirm if you chose to encrypt the backup. Click Next.
  5. In the Storage Type field, specify S3 compatible.
  6. In the Server list, specify Custom server URL. In the field below, enter the address
  7. In the Bucket name field, enter the name of your bucket: backup.
  8. In the AWS Access ID field, specify the ID of the static access key.
  9. In the AWS Access Key field, enter the private key.
  10. Click Test connection to make sure the settings are correct. A window opens prompting you to add the username to the bucket name. Click No.
  11. After checking the settings, click Next.
  12. Select the files that you want to back up.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Set the backup schedule or deselect the Automatically run backups option to create backups manually. Click Next.
  15. Specify the volume size and set the storage duration. Click Save.

6. Test your backup

To test a backup:

  1. Open the Home menu item.
  2. In the list of backup plans next to the Yandex Cloud plan, click Run now.
  3. Open the management console.
  4. Go to the folder containing the bucket where your backups are stored.
  5. Open the Object Storage service.
  6. Open the backup bucket and check whether all the necessary files have been copied.