If something went wrong while sending API requests and you need help, contact technical support.

To help the technical support team resolve your issue, use the following headers when sending HTTP requests:

  • X-Client-Request-ID is a unique request ID. We recommend using a UUID. Send this ID to the technical support team so that we can find a specific request in the system and help you.

    You can generate a UUID online or use the library for the programming language you are using.

  • X-Data-Logging-Enabled: A flag that allows data passed by the user in the request to be saved.

    By default, we do not save any audio or text that you send. If you pass the true value in this header, your data is saved. This data, along with the request ID, will help the technical support team solve your problem.


For example, you can use these headers to let us know afterwards that your audio was poorly detected and help us refine our speech recognition model.

An example of headings used in cURL:

$ curl -X POST \
    -H "X-Client-Request-ID: fa18fa9b-176d-4ae0-92b8-bd7897f7c00c" \
    -H "X-Data-Logging-Enabled: true" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer ${IAM_TOKEN}" \
    --data-binary "@speech.ogg" \