List of voices

This section provides a list of voices available in the service and their characteristics:

  • The main language that a voice supports. This is the language used by the speaker when creating this voice.

    If you don't choose the main language, the speech quality will be worse and the voice used may not be the one you specified.

  • Voice gender: male or female.

Learn more about choosing a voice and speech quality.

Standard voices

Voice Main language Gender
oksana ru-RU F
jane ru-RU F
omazh ru-RU F
zahar ru-RU M
ermil ru-RU M
silaerkan tr-TR F
erkanyavas tr-TR M
alyss en-US F
nick en-US M

Premium voices

List of premium voices using new speech synthesis technology. Speech synthesized using the new technology sounds more natural.

Voice Main language Gender
alena ru-RU F
filipp ru-RU M