Storage class

Yandex Object Storage allows you to store objects in standard and cold storage.

The standard storage is designed for storing frequently used objects.

The cold storage is designed for long-term storage of objects with rare read requests.

The storage class is specified when uploading each individual object. You can't set a storage class for an entire bucket, folder, or cloud. By default, Object Storage saves objects to the standard storage.

Pricing differs for storing and accessing objects in standard storage and cold storage. For more information, see Pricing policy for Object Storage.

Storage class IDs

  • Standard storage: STANDARD.

  • Cold storage: COLD.

    For uploading objects to cold storage, you can also specify the STANDARD_IA and NEARLINE IDs. Object Storage interprets them as COLD. Use any suitable ID when working with the API compatible with Amazon S3 or the tools described in Supported tools.