Static website hosting

You can host your static website in Yandex Object Storage. A static website is based on client-side technology such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It may not contain any scripts that run on the web server side.

To host a website:

  • Upload the website's files to the bucket created specifically for hosting the website.
  • Configure the bucket for hosting.

After you configure the bucket for hosting, the website becomes accessible at:

http(s)://<bucket name>


http(s)://<bucket name>


You can use HTTPS only if there is no dot in a bucket name.

Your own domain

You can use your own domain to display the website.

In this case:

  • The bucket name must exactly match the domain name.

  • Set up an alias for the bucket through your DNS provider or on your own DNS server.

    For instance, for the domain, the following record should be added: CNAME


The website is accessible only over HTTP, for instance, or