Static website hosting

You can host your static website in Yandex Object Storage. A static website is based on client-side technology such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It may not contain any scripts that run on the web server side.

To host a website:

  • Upload the website's files to the bucket created specifically for hosting the website.
  • Configure the bucket for hosting.

After you configure the bucket for hosting, the website becomes accessible at:

http(s)://<bucket name>


http(s)://<bucket name>


A bucket whose name contains a dot can't be accessed over HTTPS. To configure HTTPS, upload your own security certificates to Object Storage.

Your own domain

To display the site, you can use your own domain (for example,

In this case:

  • The name of the bucket must match the domain name (for example,


    For hosting your websites in Object Storage, use only third-level domains or higher. This is related to how CNAME records are processed on DNS hosting. Read more in point 2.4 in RFC 1912.

  • Set up an alias for the bucket through your DNS provider or on your own DNS server.

    For instance, for the domain, the following record should be added: CNAME


To support HTTPS for your website, upload a security certificate to Object Storage. Otherwise, the site will only be available over HTTP.