Response codes

    If a bucket is configured to host static websites, the user trying to access it may get errors described in the table below.

    Error code Description
    200 OK Successful response.
    302 Found If Object Storage receives a request to the resource without / at the end, Object Storage will first try to find an x object. If this object does not exist but x/index.html is set as the website's home page, the user will get a 302 response and be redirected to
    304 Not Modified Object Storage uses the If-Modified-Since, If-Unmodified-Since, If-Match, and If-None-Match request headers to determine whether an object has been modified as compared to the one previously cached on the client side. If the object has not been modified, the user will get the 304 Not Modified response.
    403 Forbidden Returned if the bucket to which the request was sent has no public access configured.

    Enabling public access for bucket operations.
    404 Not Found Returned if the resource to which the request was sent does not exist or the bucket where the requested resource is located is not configured to host static websites.

    How to configure a bucket for static website hosting.
    500 Service Error Internal error in Object Storage.
    503 Service Unavailable The load on the service is too high. You need to reduce your request rate.