create method

Creates a bucket.


PUT /{bucket} HTTP/1.1

Path parameters

Parameter Description
bucket Bucket name.

When creating a bucket, follow the bucket naming guidelines.


Use common request headers in requests.

By using the headers listed below, you can set the ACL of a bucket to be created by using the headers listed below.

Heading Description
x-amz-acl Sets a predefined ACL for an object.
x-amz-grant-read Grants the access grantee permission to view the contents of a bucket and read objects within it.
x-amz-grant-write Grants the access grantee object write permission. You must use this heading with x-amz-grant-read, otherwise Object Storage will return code 501 Not Implemented.
x-amz-grant-read-acp Grants the access grantee bucket ACL read permission.
x-amz-grant-write-acp Grants the access grantee bucket ACL write permission.
x-amz-grant-full-control Grants the access grantee the following permissions: READ, WRITE, READ_ACP, and WRITE_ACP for a bucket.

The value for a x-amz-grant-* header is a comma-separated list of access grantees. Each access grantee is identified in a structure like: <access grantee type>:<access grantee ID>. Object Storage supports the following types of access grantees:

  • id — access grantee — Yandex.Cloud user.
  • uri — access grantee — system group.


x-amz-grant-read: uri=""



Responses can only contain common response headers.

Response codes

For a list of possible responses, see Responses.

A successful response does not contain any additional data.