uploadPart method

Saves a part of an object.

Users number object parts themselves and pass the numbers to Object Storage. The number uniquely identifies the part and determines its position in the general sequence. The number is an integer in the range from 1 to 10000 inclusive.

If multiple parts with the same number are uploaded, Object Storage saves the last received.

The size of each part, except the last one, should be at least 5 MB.

For more information, see the section General procedure for multipart upload.


PUT /{bucket}/{key}?partNumber=PartNumber&uploadId=UploadId HTTP/1.1

Path parameters

Parameter Description
bucket Name of the bucket.
key Object key.

Query parameters

Parameter Description
partNubmer ID that you assigned to the uploaded part.
uploadId ID of the multipart upload returned by Object Storage at the start.


In a request, use the necessary common request headers.

The Content-Length header is required.



A response may contain common response headers and the headers listed in the table below.

Header name Description
x-amz-storage-class Object storage class.
The value is COLD if the object is stored in cold storage.

If it is stored in standard storage, the header is omitted.

Response codes

For a list of possible responses, see Responses.

Additionally, Object Storage may return errors described in the table below.

Error Description HTTP code
NoSuchUpload The specified upload does not exist. The specified upload ID might be incorrect or the upload was completed or deleted. 404 Not Found
EntityTooSmall The part is too small.

The uploaded part must be at least 5 MB.
400 Bad Request