Notifications from Yandex.Cloud

Yandex.Cloud technical support notifies you of events that affect all Yandex.Cloud users or your account specifically.

Planned maintenance

Some Yandex.Cloud maintenance operations can affect the operability or availability of your resources. Technical support sends notification of such work 3 calendar days in advance by email, indicating:

  • Date and time of maintenance.
  • Category of maintenance.
  • Yandex.Cloud services affected.
  • Description of relevant changes to the services.
  • Tips on how to reduce the impact of maintenance on your resources (if possible).

Infrastructure failure

If a failure occurs in Yandex.Cloud that could affect the security or availability of your data, technical support notifies you by email as soon as the scope and consequences of the problem are identified.

Information security incident

If an event occurs in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure that causes your data to be compromised, technical support notifies you by email within 24 hours after the damage is detected. The email will be sent to the cloud owner and the Data Protection Officer (DPO), if this role is assigned for your cloud.